Last week I closed on my most recent sale in Downtown Muncie. It was an absolutely beautiful home on Washington Street in the Emily Kimbrough Historic District. The sellers had taken a home that anyone else would have knocked down and transformed it into a beautiful home.

721 E. Washington Street, Downtown Muncie

Foyer, 721 E. Washington St., Downtown Muncie

I have to be honest, I love old homes. My husband and I remodeled an 1890s home ourselves. We recently sold it to move on to the next project, but that home was a 9 year experience of pouring love into a home that would have otherwise deteriorated. This has given me special insight into what it takes, to renovate, maintain, and live in one of Muncie’s, beautiful old homes.

My husband and I renovated our old house from top to bottom. This is the finished kitchen.

If you are thinking about moving downtown or into a turn of the century home, I would love to help you find that perfect home. If the home you love needs some rehab, I can help you secure financing that will allow you to finance those repairs. If you are lucky enough to find a home that has been already renovated, I can help you navigate the purchase process and help you get to the closing table so you can start enjoying your beautiful home.

On the flip side, if you need to sell your historic home, I am the agent you need. I understand what it is like to sell one (I just did!) and will create a special marketing plan tailored to your home. It takes an agent who understands older homes and loves them to give your home the attention it deserves and represent you successfully throughout the transaction.

Happy {Old} House Hunting!