Selling a home in the winter can be tricky but it can also be a great time to take advantage of low inventory. Here are some of my tips for those thinking about selling a home this winter:

1. Curb appeal. Yes, I said curb appeal. Even though flowers aren’t in bloom and your yard may be snow covered, curb appeal still matters. Make sure flower beds are free of leaves and trash. Keep sleds, shovels, and any other items in the garage and put trash toters out of view.

. Shovel the sidewalk and driveway. If your home is being shown (or is vacant) make sure the driveway and sidewalk are free of ice and snow. Nothing is more irritating than getting a car stuck in the driveway of a home that is on the market but hasn’t been plowed or shoveled. It does not leave a good first impression.

3. Turn on lights. With darkness settling in so soon, many showings are not during daylight hours. It is important to have lights on for all showings. This helps give your home a warmer feel and makes it seem more inviting as buyers and agents pull up to the home.

4. Clean, Clean, Clean. Buyers will be spending less time outside checking out your house and more time inside because it may be dark out or cold out or most likely both. A home that is clean, fresh and ready for buyers gives a great first impression.

5. Price it right. While the winter can be a great time to sell because inventory is low, there also may be fewer buyers looking for homes. It is always important, but in the winter it is super important to price your home right. A home that is priced right has a much better chance capturing the attention of a buyer who is looking for a home right now and can help get your home sold quickly.